SLCs and Data Drop 3

As part of their preparation for their upcoming SLCs, Crew Churchill were eager to find out their new academic grades and HoWLs.

This information forms part of Data Drop 3 and was shared with students during crew at the beginning of the week.

As a crew, we were delighted to see how grades had improved.

Tyler is ‘smashing’ his MEG in HUMAN.

Alyssa is ‘smashing’ her MEG in maths and Spanish.

Denzil is ‘smashing’ his MEG in maths and science.

Adam is ‘smashing’ his MEG in science and all his HoWL grades are now 3.0 and above!

Kyle is ‘smashing’ his MEG in Spanish.

Ruby is ‘smashing’ her MEG in maths and all her HoWLs are 3.5 and above!

Theone, Aran and Ben are ‘smashing’ their MEGs in ALL subjects and all their HoWLs are 4.0 and above – brilliant!

Can’t wait for your SLCs now, Crew Churchill!  Well done!