Final Product Check-In

Today in academic crew, we have been sharing the drafts we are currently working on for our HUMAN final product.  We are designing a propaganda poster to persuade the public to think twice about the news and information that they hear and see in the media (fake news).

As we shared our first drafts, we explained to crew the reasoning behind our slogans and images.

Kyle spoke about how, in order to fight fake news, people need to ‘cut the strings’ as different media sources play us like puppets.  His image symbolises us breaking free.

Ben shared his draft and explained how he had drawn the real face of fake news: a demonic being that shouldn’t be trusted and that could harm you.  Wow!

Niven had used the concept of an anonymous figure which represented the idea that you don’t know who is behind the news you read.  He said, “Make sure you read it and think carefully before you believe it.”

Aran posed the question: Are our minds vulnerable to fake news?  She had used the image of a brain to indicate that people are easily brainwashed by fake news if they are not careful.

Do you recognise the phrase, ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?’

This was the inspiration behind Theone’s propaganda poster as she has depicted a news reporter who is being encouraged to say ‘No!’ to fake news.

Absolutely cracking work so far, Crew!

We can’t wait to see your final products!