Crew MKE…..the journey begins !

So…what do a dancing expert, a future England cricket star, an origami master, a tech guru and a Harry Potter Wiz all have in common ? Well, they are just some of the diverse hobbies, interests and aspirations of some of the new members of Year 7 Crew MKE !

My new Crew have already hit the ground running and proven themselves to have qualities, characters and capabilities well beyond their years. The students have willingly grasped the concepts of XP’s Character Values and they already understand the ethics and importance of our HOWLs.

Just as important, Crew have identified the importance, and found the courage to be able to make apologies and show their appreciation to others within open forums. Well done !

This is going to be as much of a journey for me as it is for my Crew, and I’ll keep all of you informed every step of the way so that we can share the important moments as they occur.

Crew MKE, give yourselves a pat on the back. You’ve made a great start. Stay strong, stay proud and carry on as you’ve started. YOU ARE XP !


Martyn Kellett

Learning Coach & Year 7 Crew Leader