Y10/Y12 reopening update

Building on the updates from 12th May and 28th May, I would like to further update parents of Y10 and Y12 students regarding extending our in-school provision. 

You may remember that the Government had requested secondary schools to offer ‘some face-to-face support to supplement the remote education of Year 10 and Year 12 students’  from 1st June. However, after liaising with XP Trust school leaders and the Local Authority, we decided not to reopen and review this in mid June.

I can confirm that we are ready to open up on Monday 15th June pending advice on the local situation from Public Health Doncaster. The most up to date local information is not yet available, but this will be communicated to all Headteachers of Doncaster’s schools late on Wednesday. As a result, we will be in a position to confirm whether we will go ahead with reopening for Y10 and Y12 by Friday morning at the latest. However, I would like to reiterate that any decision will be taken in light of the specific region of Doncaster, not the national picture as a whole.

I know that this update does not give parents the precise information that they need, but we feel that it is important to keep everyone informed about developments.

If we do open, the provision will focus on those Y10 and Y12 students who are most at risk of falling behind. Attendance will not be compulsory, and we totally respect any decision that parents make. The provision would revolve around a light touch approach to helping students to assess what they have done, what they might be struggling with and what they could do in the weeks ahead. 

Whilst we would not be in a position to offer traditional lessons, we would be able to provide support for those students who have struggled to stay on top of their workload, or feel overwhelmed with what they need to do to catch up. Attendance would be no more than one or two days a week, and our online educational provision involving the use of Google Classroom, videos, teacher tutorials, Hegarty Maths, and Crew video hangouts will continue throughout. 

Again, if we do reopen on Monday 15th June I will provide parents with details of the extensive changes that we have made to the physical environment and working protocols. These are already in place due to our in-school provision for children of key workers, and all staff are familiar with them.

Crew Leaders and XP16 staff continue to be the points of contact for any questions, and they will be in touch with the parents of any students who have been identified as needing support the most.

If you have not already done so, could parents please complete this parental survey, as it will further help our preparations.

Best wishes, Jamie Portman (Principal of XP and XP East)