XP16’s ‘worst’ check in! Lol

It was wonderful to chat with some of my XP16 crew on Friday morning. I really want to say thank you to those that joined as it really brightened my day and was a real pleasure to hear their voices. Obviously we needed to chat about some important matters such as UCAS applications (see my email), however we started off with a very funny check in of, ‘what was the worst Christmas present you received this year’?… I was in stitches with their answers.

WORST presents they received ranged from:


A belt…..

A raw chicken breast…..

Socks… which were thrown back at the giver!

a family board game which the person thought was going to be a pair of ugg boots!

Marmite flavoured deodorant…. love it or hate it?

I wonder if you can guess which was mine? ? ?

We moved on to more important issues such as getting UCAS applications in, the deadline of which is Wednesday 20th January. Please see my email for more detail on this.

The crew sessions is on at 10.30am every Friday, hope to see you all there.



I know what Mr ap Harri is getting next Christmas! Lol