Important dates for the rest of term…

Please find an overview of key events for the remainder of this term:

Y9 & Y10 (both XP & XP School) Leaver Booster and Men-ACWY vaccinations: will take place on Tuesday 26th January as per this blog post.

Staff Days: As per the normal school calendar these will take place on Friday 29.01.21 and Monday 1st February (all of our staff take part in training concerning the planning of expeditions, safeguarding, SEND and Teaching & Learning.) The in-school provision will not be available.

XP16 Student Led Conferences are taking place between 25.01.21 and 05.02.21. Parents are invited to attend online via invitation.

Y7, Y8, Y10, and Y11 Student Led Conferences: These will take place online for all students during the window of Tuesday 2nd February and Friday 12th February. The process will be a slightly different version to the normal in-school format, and parents will receive an Academic Snapshot that contains details of HOWLs and academic progress. Parents will be invited to select an after school appointment this week. *Y9 students do not have an SLC because of their involvement in Passage (see below).

Passage: This will take place for Y9 students during a 2 week window between Monday 15th February and Friday 26th February. Due to Covid restrictions, Passage presentations will take place online and parents will be invited to attend by students shortly – stay tuned for further updates on the process and purpose of Passage.

Please contact your child’s Crew Leader in the first instance regarding any questions or concerns.

Best wishes,

Jamie Portman.