E25 / Y9 GCSE Spanish Gallery Walk

On Monday our E25 Spanish group began a new topic on their GCSE course, centred around the Hispanic world of Central and South America, Fair Trade, child labour and poverty…..and the production of chocolate!

Here they are, getting immersed in the new subject material via a Gallery Walk….

Lewis saw a sketch drawing in the gallery, and made a connection between learning about child poverty in Hums, and Fair Trade and the Hispanic communities of the Caribbean.

This is a great topic to explore concepts such as the inequity of life in third world countries, and how activism with compassion can directly influence the shopping habits of others – for instance we considered what products other than chocolate typically feature the Fair Trade logo, and why they may be favoured by certain consumers.

Most students didn’t recognise the raw form of cocoa beans, harvested in the Dominican Republic before being turned into chocolate, so unfortunately in the end we had to put it to the taste test! (an appreciation here to Mrs Sprakes).