Current Y6 SEND Open Forum – Friday 11th October 2019

We have had many requests for additional visits from parents who have children with additional needs. Due to the sheer number of visit requests of this nature we cannot possibly accommodate all individual visits. To try and see as many people as possible we hold 2 open evening events, when most schools in Doncaster only hold 1.

These open evenings took place last week and we are still receiving additional requests.

As a one off we have set aside 2 hours on Friday where our SENDCO will be available to answer all questions and queries regarding the provision we have in place, and whether XP or XP East are the right schools for your children. This is a neutral meet and attending will not guarantee placement as Doncaster Admissions allocate our places via a random selection.

Please arrive at XP East for 1pm on Friday 11th October 2019 if your child has additional needs.

This will be the only date and time of any additional visits prior to the application deadline.

Thank you.