Another year over!

I’m writing our end of year blog whilst self-isolating, which is not where I was expecting to be!  I know that members of Crew have also been told to self isolate, so it’s a very strange end to Y10 for Crew Finch.  Maybe not as strange as our last day of Y9, though… 

However, we were lucky enough to be at school for our end of term breakfast yesterday, where I did get to take our traditional end of term selfie! I can’t believe next year’s selfie will be our last one together as Crew… We’re already starting to think about what we can do to celebrate end of term next year, with a request to go back to Malham Cove to specifically recreate one of first ever Crew photos:

So, despite it being another year of lockdowns, restrictions, in-school bubbles and online learning, Crew Finch have so much to be proud of:

  • Smashing out over 800 collective miles for our Crew challenge and raising £130 for Firefly Cancer Awareness and Support.
  • Mock Exam results. Or, more accurately – Crew being able to reflect on their mock exam grades and HOWLs data and create some really mature, honest reflections and pledges to take them forward into Y11.  These have been shared with parents via the end of year reports.
  • Working together to identify areas of success and improvement from our Crew data:
  • Recognising already that Y11 is going to be hard, but having the motivation and ambition to achieve great things.
  • Starting to plan post-16 choices, with support from Mrs Burns.  Most have a real clear pathway mapped out of where they want to go and how they’re going to get there.
  • Showing resilience.
  • Welcoming Callie to Crew!
  • Showing compassion at all times when listening to how other Crew members are dealing with the ongoing restrictions.
  • …and so many more little wins that add up to bigger and brighter things!

As much as I’m looking forward to the summer holidays, I’m already excited for getting back together on Wednesday 1st September for 3 days of Crew activities.  Let’s get ready to smash Y11!

Wishing all of Crew and their families a Summer full of sunshine and smiles.

Mrs Parker 🙂