That’s Sick

What is my body made of and why do I get ill?

That’s Sick is a Year 7 (C24) expedition, run between February and March 2018.

The learning targets were :

CS1: Human Anatomy:

  • I can explain how my body is composed.
  • I can explain how the digestive system works
  • I can explain how humans breathe
  • I can use ratios and proportions to determine what my body accomplishes each year.
  • I can explain how increased surface area aids in digestion.

CS2: Common contagions

  • I can explain how particular pathogens can affect young people
  • I can explain the relationship between lifestyle factors and non-communicable diseases.
  • I can collect and interpret data about common diseases.
  • I can represent data about diseases graphically.


Students began the learning expedition by visiting Leeds University Medical, where they learned about campus life in a lecture, then visited different areas of the university on a tour and attended a practical session with trainee doctors.

On the expedition students learned that the fundamental units of living organisms are cells, which may be part of highly adapted structures including tissues, organs and organ systems, enabling life processes to be performed more effectively. Students found there is a difference between plant/animal/bacterial cells and there is a hierarchical structure of organism. They also found that organs work together in systems to perform life processes. Students found that food travels through the digestive system and is acted upon by different organs along the way to digest it.

They created a hanging presentation that shows a 3D image of the respiratory system and digestive system in the community walk in entrance in XP East.

Students all presented their learning to parents and visitors by hosting an art exhibition and presentation, showcasing their work which gave an insight into what was happening behind the scenes whilst they looked at the 3D gallery.

All resources relating to this expedition can be found below:

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Final Product – 3D Gallery

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