Encouraging the active learner in MFL lessons

7X and 7P students are beginning to use transactional Spanish in their MFL lessons to make requests and ask for permission.  This week they have started building core vocabulary towards the 2000 – 2500 words that they will need to know as they reach GCSE standards.

On Wednesday they learnt 14 items of stationary that might be found in their pencil case and/or school bag. After half term – on the rare occasion that someone fails to bring basic equipment – it will only be issued to them if they can ask for it in Spanish. We used the random Wheeldecide roulette wheel to generate the focus for our learning check, and the Tarsia puzzle generator to create a grapple so that students could consolidate their knowledge.

The free Tarsia puzzle generator software can be downloaded onto Windows OS devices from the Hermitech Laboratories website. It is user-definable and extremely versatile, offering geometric tesselating puzzles that can be quickly and easily differentiated within the parameters established by the user.