Back to School

After what has seemed much longer than it was , we are back to it in Crew Da Vinci.

I am proud of my crew for coming back stronger than ever. it is wonderful to see everyone’s smiling faces on a morning.

We started our first Crew session focussing  on our Crew Pledges and our expectations and HOWL’s.

We also openly talked about how felt about returning to school, COVID testing and more. There were questions , worries and support. But as a crew we worked together to but everyone minds at ease

As a few Crew members attended In-school provision they were able to talk about there COVID testing experiences and but a few minds at rest. It was amazing to see the support we showed each other.


We have now started back on our crew program.

Everyday we have something different to stretch and challenge our crew.


The past weeks have been filled with some wonderful experiences for year 7

Nic Burne runs the conversation club in Doncaster which helps out asylum seekers and refugees . He came to speak to the year group about the experiences of some refugees and the people he helps.

He also had some of the refugees come to the school to talk to them about there experiences.


Overall it has been a great start back for Crew DaVinci. We will continue to strive to be the best we can be