Crew Charity Challenge

Crew Finch are embarking on an epic virtual journey to raise funds for our Crew Charity, Firefly Cancer Awareness and Support.  This physical activity will also go towards the DofE Silver Award.

We are aiming to walk, run or cycle a collective total of 500 miles over the next 3 months (1st March – 30th June.)

Firefly provide free community transport for Cancer patients in our area to and from hospital for treatment and appointments. It is a vital service for these patients.

Firefly are currently operating 10 vehicles. I have spoken to Ian (Chewie) from the charity who tells me that they will use the money raised to put towards the cost of keeping these vehicles on the road. It currently costs the charity approx £1100 a week in fuel costs alone! They will also use the money to buy essential PPE for the volunteer drivers.

All charities have been hit really hard during the pandemic as they can’t rely on their usual fundraising activities so we would really, really appreciate it if you would contribute what you can to this wonderful cause.

Every little helps and it will motivate us all to go that extra mile (or 500!)

Here’s our fundraising link (donations go direct to Firefly):

Crew Finch’s Virgin Money Giving Page

You can read more about Firefly Cancer Awareness and Support here:

Firefly Cancer Awareness and Support

Big Thanks from Crew Finch x