Student led crew

This week students in crew Mandela  have taken over with an academic focus. We started the week with Callie and Holly leading a student led crew with a maths focus. They kick started the session with a ‘Do Now’ engaging the crew with a version of Splat with a maths twist.

The main task was focused on angles, with a collaborative working style. The crew feedback for Callie and Holly really showed appreciation for the amount of work that had gone into the planning.


On Thursday Raven and Lewis led the second academic crew of the week. This had a Hums focus and led on from the work on the great depression. The boys used protocols fantastically and Lewis took the role as teacher and leader in his stride!

All the crew produced beautiful work and next weeks crew is going to be led by Beth and Alfie!

Mandela Research


Written and posted by Charlie R.

This week in crew Mandela

  • We researched the biography of Nelson Mandela after naming our after him. We researched key facts about Nelson Mandela,  we found out he was arrested for standing up for segregation and discrimination and he was put in jail for 27 years. A quote from Nelson Mandela that resonated with us all was:

I was not born with a hunger to be free. I was born free’


  • We introduced our new WH GS BK feedback for inside our lessons this is for behaviour and conduct and so teachers can praise students.

Introducing Crew Mandela

Written and posted by Callie S.

Crew JSM is now Crew Mandela!

On Tuesday the 11th each Crew member was asked to present their speech (that each crew member had been working on) about what name we wanted and why.We all started doing research to find someone inspirational that represented what XP is about. There were many great suggestions such as Crew Johnson, Crew Ali, Crew Mandela and Crew Young each with just as good reasons. We then put it to a blind vote, writing which one we wanted on a slip of paper and then tallying up the scores. It was quite close between Mandela and Ali but in the end Mandela won the most votes! Unfortunately he died two years ago, but we all thought that he was an inspirational person and exactly what Xp is about and we are looking forward to further researching his life and legacy!

World Cup Sweepstake!

Crew JSM have had a football focus on the world cup. With a focus on geography and sharing of knowledge of other countries cultures. Raven picked England for the sweepstakes, however Alfie picked the giant slayers and the favourite underdog Iceland! The crew favourite went to Corey who took Portugal. Tuesday crew will be missed for the Police coming in to give a talk about Internet safety for our students.


SLC Preparation

Crew Blog-

Crew JSM have been working extremely hard this week to ensure all portfolio work is in order for the 2nd student led conference of XPEAST. Three students have already completed their conference in the first part of the week.

The craftsmanship and quality and professionalism of those who have already performed has been outstanding. In particular the reflections made by Frida on her ‘most proud’ work and ‘area to improve’ was particularly impressive, and a credit to her character growth since starting at XP in August 2017.


Crew JSM Get Smart!



Reading makes you smarter. It has unbelievable benefits for academic achievement.

-It expands your vocabulary.

-It improves your communication skills.

-It develops your analytical skills.

-It is an effective memory booster.

Our crew have had a major focus on our accelerated reading sessions and books. We have focused on note catching and focusing on increasing our reading scores when re-testing. Students who have achieved a higher colour this week include Frida, Raven and Lewis.

Crew take control!

The crew have taken over the planning this year. Our first crew led session was led Charlie and Corey in a great physical activity lesson, with a focus on capture the flag. They both used protocols extremely well during the whole session and showed great leadership!

Our second crew led session was planned and run by Frida and Holly. This was focused on integrity and craftsmanship and quality. The girls created an ingenious pledge board, made from McDonalds chip boxes. Each study then cut out card to represent chips and to document their own pledge.


Our final crew led session of the year was run by Chloe and Callie. Again, they put a tremendous amount of planning into the session and created a ‘make a stand’ board. Each student had an envelope pre-made with their favourite colour to hold and document future stands.

The quality of the planning, delivery and fantastic HOWLS of those students who participated is testament to the character growth happening in crew JSM.

Clean up crew

I was lucky enough to join Mr Smith’s and Mrs Parker’s crew on clean up.

It was fantastic to see our students taking pride in the environment around school (even in the freezing cold), something I know will carry forward when the students are in the new building and XP East grounds.



Week Beginning 20/11/17

This week was a busy week for crew JSM.

We are unfortunately the lowest attending crew in the whole of the XP Trust. This was very disappointing to both me as a crew leader and the crew as a whole. After discussion with out crew we have established a number of strategies to support those students with less than 95% attendance as a crew. We have a long way to go to get to the top of the attendance league table, but we are confident as a crew we will get there.

We have only one crew blog entry this week due to community meetings and staff days.


Wednesday 22nd (Written by Corey A.)

Today we talked about our new conduct sheet. This is the sheet that students who do not meet expectations are recorded on and reviewed inside crew. After that everyone went outside to do clean up service but then Mr Pearson’s crew had already taken the equipment. A few minutes later crew JSM went back up to crew to talk about what we wanted to be when we are older and leave school, for example; Lewis Hutton stated that ‘I want to be an F1 driver.’ After we discussed in a whip around what we needed to get to achieve these goals everyone turned to  accelerated reading or taking a test for accelerated reading.


Crew JSM SLC Prep

Crew JSM this week have been preparing for their student led conference (SLC). After our final session this week, all students are prepared, ready and confident. Crew JSM have all parents booked in and ready to attended. An outstanding comment of the week from Frida C in our last checkin is was ‘I am really confident and just excited to show my parents how hard I have worked’. All the folders are full and ready to be shown, bring on next week!