Getting Ready for SLCs!

Crew Churchill are currently working hard, preparing for their first Student Led Conference of Year 8.

Following reflections about our last SLCs in Year 7, we have created an action plan so we know what needs doing and when.  We are now selecting the work we want to share, and reflecting deeply about how it shows our learning and links to our expedition.

Aran is super organised, making notes on cue cards and working hard at home to make sure she is prepared!



SLC prep

Crew Finch have been ‘on it’ all week preparing for their SLCs.  Parents should have received an email inviting you to attend, but here’s a link to the booking form, just incase you missed it:

Crew Finch SLC Sign-Up.

This week we have chosen the work we want to discuss and focussed on reflecting on our progress and the areas in which we need to improve, selecting work from HUMS, STEAM, Maths and Spanish.  Today, Tom and Ali shared their work for students to critique.  

Next week, we will be moving onto preparing our scripts and setting our academic targets.

Although we are using Crew time to prepare, students are expected to work on this in their own time too.  I have set up a Google Classroom with all the resources they need to prepare.

Crew Young re-visit SLCs this week

In Crew this week we have spent some time revisiting the purpose of, and the process that lies behind, our Student-Led Conferences. We also considered the benefits and pitfalls of our prior experience of SLCs, as well as what we feel we have learnt as a result of hosting them last year. This is in order to prepare ourselves for the next round of SLCs that are due to take place in a few weeks.

Hitting the ground running!

First week back and we have hit the ground running in Crew, as we begin to prepare for our first Student Led Conference of Year 8.  We have spent this week reflecting on last year’s SLCs, talking about what worked will and how we can improve with our “even better ifs…”

The next two weeks will be pretty much dedicated to SLCs: making sure our portfolios are up to date, selecting the work we want to showcase, preparing our scripts and creating an action plan with our academic and personal targets.

It’s pretty intense and Crew will be working hard to prepare.  They have demanded biscuits to keep them going and I’m happy to oblige!

Invites with a link to the online booking form will be sent out early next week via email.  SLCs are your child’s opportunity to discuss their learning and progress with you, and we do count on your full support.  If you can’t make any of the dates offered, please get in touch.

Meanwhile, I took a photo of this quote Mr Portman used as a discussion point in our community meeting yesterday:

I’m going to keep on referring back to this quote in Crew over the next few weeks, as I’m sure some students will have moments of self doubt when it comes to reflecting on and talking about their work, and setting themselves targets for growth.  I can see the potential in each and every one of my Crew; I just hope they can see it, too!

Dodgeball Rematch!

An exciting dodgeball rematch took place between Crew Churchill and Crew Young!

This was a follow-on from our previous encounter when Crew Churchill were the winners.  Crew Young were hoping to equalise.

Crew Churchill won the first game.  Crew Young made a valiant comeback during the second game, however, Crew Churchill proved too strong and were victorious!

Both teams played with true sportsmanship and integrity and congratulated each other at the end.

We can’t wait for our next Dodgeball challenge!

The power of a compliment

The power of Crew was demonstrated again this week when we all circled up to help one of our Crew with a specific task – to make her feel better about herself.

A member of our Crew is really struggling to see her worth at the moment and finds it difficult to find anything good to say about herself, nor does she believe she is worthy of having nice things said to her. In her own words, she looks in the mirror everyday and doesn’t like what she sees… (this was quite hard for me to hear and I sent a silent apology to my 13-year old self who definitely had the same thoughts all those years ago!)

So, our task was simple: for everyone of us to pay her a compliment.  One that didn’t focus on her physical appearance and to make her realise that she truly is beautiful on the inside, where it matters the most.

This was such an easy thing to do; not one member of Crew had to think too hard about what they wanted to say because we see the positives in this person every single day.  We complimented her intelligence, her kindness and the “fire in her belly” which makes her strong and brave!

Was she comfortable with the compliments? No.  Did she leave Crew with a smile on her face? Yes.

We’ve got a way to go, but hopefully she’ll smile about herself more often.

We all pledged to try and accept compliments with a simple “thank you” from now on, and to believe in them, rather than mistrusting the intentions of the person saying it!

Academic Check-in

Last week, we had our first Academic Crew session, where all students were invited to present the work they’re most proud of to the rest of the Crew.  This was a lovely way for us to celebrate our Crew’s hard work, but to also offer some peer critique on the work shown.  This really helped Aden who was able to edit his HUMS work and make it even better!

Our Academic Crew Check-ins will happen every other week, with a different focus every session.  As a Crew Leader, it keeps me up to date with how my Crew are doing in lessons (which is really useful for SLCs), we can review their work together and set SMART targets for any improvements required.  These sessions are also a really good support network for those of us who may be struggling a bit in session.

We are having a Maths Masterclass next time – I don’t know about the rest of Crew, but I’ll certainly benefit from that 🙂

Dodgeball Challenge!

Last week, Churchill Crew challenged Parkinson Crew to a dodgeball competition!

Both crews lined up on the tennis courts and, when the whistle blew, sprang into action, each determined to be triumphant.

Game one was won by Churchill.  Yippee!

Game two started but had to be suspended due to timings and so a rematch will be arranged so Crew Parkinson can hopefully equalise the score.

Watch this space…

This week in Crew Young

Crew Young have blended an academic check-in with our badminton tournament this week. Following our weekend check-in on Monday, Louie, Isabel and Ella were invited to choose and share a piece of work of which they are particularly proud from their portfolios on Tuesday. Moving forwards, we aim to become more forensic in our analysis of our Crew members’ academic attainment during HUMS and STEAM expeditions.


Today, despite our valiant attempts, we were largely unsuccessful in the badminton tournament against Crew Finch – congratulations to our opponents – but we gave it our best shot!

Two Plus Two is Four!

Today’s academic check-in for Churchill Crew focused on maths.

It was great for me to see, as crew leader, what students have been working hard on in the first six weeks of term: times tables, polygons, angles and perimeter.

We had an extremely productive discussion talking about being challenged, craftsmanship and quality and the importance of showing working out when solving a longer mathematical sum or word problem.

It was great to hear that Churchill Crew think that academic check-ins are going to help them work hard and get smart.

They also welcomed the fact that they will have very clear targets that they can be working on in lessons and we can then check-in with progress towards meeting these during our crew sessions.